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Protect all of your camera lenses with the Pelican Outdoor Rugged Camera Lens Cover. This handy camera accessory features high-density, 25A-grade silicone to shield your lens from dirt, scratches, and moisture. Also, the column structure design protects against collisions with other lenses in your backpack. Best of all, this lens cover fits most pro lenses from 67 mm–120 mm. So it’s a pretty comprehensive cover. Additionally, with its weather-sealing fit, you won’t have to stress about the elements and can take your lenses on outdoor excursions worry-free. Furthermore, available in Coyote, and Stealth Black colors, this photography accessory blends into your aesthetic. Moreover, the silicone also provides a grippy texture, decreasing the chances that you’ll accidentally drop your lens. For safer travels with your lenses, go for the Rugged Camera Lens Cover.

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