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Rise above the competition with the Kinesis TKO tournament mechanical keyboard. This computer accessory has a standard 60% layout. So it keeps your most important keys just where you expect them to be. Additionally, its HyperSpace modular space bar consists of three thumb keys. Each acts as a space, and you can program them to perform different actions. In fact, this feature can improve your gameplay and productivity by up to 300%. Moreover, the switches on the Kinesis TKO are completely removable. Even better, with 12 RGB backlighting effects—like Wave, Rain, Spectrum, Ripple, and Rebound—you can set the mood and assign effects that help you navigate. And you won’t have to worry about the TKO keycaps. They feature high-quality PBT plastic for a great feel and sound. Furthermore, this gaming gadget has a natural zero-degree slope that improves circulation and reduces the risk of wrist strain.

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