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Create a laptop-like experience with the Brydge 12.9 MAX+ iPad Pro keyboard and trackpad. It securely, yet gently, connects to an iPad Pro with a Magnetic SnapFit case, so you can type and click without using the touchscreen. Its portable design allows you to take your workspace anywhere. All the while, you don’t have to worry about scratches or dents with this protective case. Moreover, the Brydge 12.9 MAX+ boasts a 135-degree screen rotation and backlit keys with a three-month battery life. Or remove the backlighting for an extensive 40 hours of use. The dedicated row of shortcut keys maximizes work efficiency. Plus, the aluminum keyboard enhances durability while offering a smooth typing experience. Additionally, the trackpad offers fluid gestures, so you can easily navigate through spreadsheets, select text, switch apps, and more. Explore working with your iPad in a new way.

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