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With the recent rise in data privacy, it’s only going to become more difficult for marketers to get the info they need for successful targeting and segmenting. The EU’s introduction of GDPR brought this topic to the mainstream several years ago, and since then all eyes have been on data – how it’s acquired, used, shared, and whether or not consumers have enough of a say in the matter. Fast forward a few years and now we’re seeing major players permanently change the way companies get info from everyday users. 

Cookies are being disabled on Google Chrome, which represents more than half of browser market share. Apple rolled out iOS 14, which is already giving three-quarters of Apple device users the security tools to guard their own privacy (including the latest devices and those rolled out over the last four years). 

In order to keep up with this new demand for declared data, marketers must employ the right technology to gain access to this info without breaking consumer trust (or legal regulations, for that matter). 

Conversational marketing tech saves the day

Enter: conversational marketing automation, a method for getting data directly from consumers – and it’s one the public seems to prefer anyway. The majority of consumers actually want to engage directly with brands, making this an ideal situation for marketers searching for ways to collect important information. Do the math and you’ll see the need for smart tech to automate meaningful conversations across users’ favorite platforms today.

Scaling with Spectrm 

Spectrm is a conversational marketing automation platform that brands utilize to build their own chatbots, which can be deployed on a number of channels (more on that later). Not your standard AI, these conversational bots actually provide a positive, fun experience for the customer, while explicitly collecting all the data said customer wants to share – they’re essentially opting in. As the bot chats, it learns more about the customer, which triggers a data feedback loop that can help marketers hone their ad targeting strategy and more

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